Current prices at 2019-08-19 03:54:55

Bitstamp bid: 10350.82 USD (9331.83 EUR) ask: 10353.97 USD (9334.67 EUR)
Bitmynt bid: 92150.92 NOK (9233.89 EUR) ask: 94110.76 NOK (9430.27 EUR)

My currency rates derived from the Central Bank of Norway daily reference rate and 1Forge:
USD to EUR: 0.9016 (1Forge)
NOK to EUR: 0.1001 (1Forge)

My prices in EUR for my autobuy system, trading on IRC and via e-mail:
EUR buy: 9233.89 (NOK bid at converted to EUR)
EUR sell: 9618.88

I take 2.5 EUR fee for each sale in EUR, and a regressive fee for small payouts in EUR. The fee starts at 5 EUR (my bank fee), and I will cover 1 EUR of the fee for each addidtional 150 EUR in the transfer. E.g. a payout of 645 EUR will result in a fee of 1 EUR, and payouts of 750 EUR or more are free.

For trade in other currencies than EUR, and EUR outside SEPA, the fee will be a bit higher. About 10 USD for all trades.

Current maximum amount for autobuy without a special agreement is 50000 EUR.